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We all have a story waiting to be told and whether you lead others, train delegates, pitch to investors, sell products, or provide stellar customer service, you need your audience to remember your message.

It's said that your audience will only remember around ten percent of your message. So, how do you ensure they remember the message you were trying to deliver and not just the words you said?

My talks, workshops, and coaching programmes are designed to help you connect deeply with your audience and guarantee you'll be remembered long after you finish speaking.

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  • 5
    "Danny is a confident professional, a great public speaker and has a fantastic sense of humour which he uses expertly to engage his audience. I would highly recommend Danny and wish him every success in his future endeavours".
    Global Talent Management
  • 5
    "Danny was an excellent coach and I admired his own skill and confidence in speaking that he got from hours of practice. Needless to say that after a few months of coaching, watching and learning from him, my own skills and confidence had soared and I've never looked back".
    Coach, Trainer, and Speaker on Mental Health and Mental Toughness
  • 5
    "Danny's positive and engaging personality together with sound subject knowledge, thorough preparation and brilliant sense of humour have always left me feeling 'This guy knows what he is talking about! This guy can deliver!' If Danny runs a training, you better take a seat in the front row - he is worth it"!
    Business Adviser and Trainer
  • 5
    "Danny was incredibly encouraging of me throughout, hugely giving of his time and resources too. He clearly knows his stuff about public speaking. I would highly recommend using Danny as a speaking coach""
    TEDx Speaker and Leadership Trainer
  • 5
    "Danny was my public speaking coach and helped me prepare for my first Ted talk at TED x Fulwood. Danny helped me with the structure of my speech, get clarity on my message, and especially translate scientific knowledge into a lay language using storytelling. I highly recommend Danny as a coach and speaking coach."
    TEDx Speaker and PhD Researcher
  • 5
    "At every instance, his feedback helped me hone my talk and craft my message so it was tighter. Dead easy to talk to and get along with which was extra nice as well, I can see why he is sought after so much. Easily recommend him for anyone looking to gain that extra advantage in their talk. Thanks Danny."
    Owner of Catori Conscious Leadership
  • 5
    "What was really clear for me is that Danny gave his all to ensure my talk wasn't just a good one. He really pushed me. It wasn't comfortable at times, but he saw my potential and demanded my best work, and in the end that is what I produced. I went out and delivered something that I was really proud of and that fulfilled on the promise of a TED standard talk. A massive thank you to Danny for all his hard work".
    Coach/ Founder at Giant Feats
  • 5
    "Danny was the speaker coach for TEDxFulwood an event in which I organised. His help with the speakers was excellent and he developed their concepts into incredibly impactful speeches. Danny was dedicated to ensuring the speakers delivered to best of their ability and this was evident with his work-ethic and constructive feedback. Danny is an excellent speaker coach for businesses and individuals".
    Personal Development Coach
  • 5
    "Danny is what you need from a great coach: friendly, supportive and knowledgable. In one call and with one statement, Danny helped me see where I was going wrong and how to change it. (This had bugged me for ages). Overall, a great coach and a nice guy to work with".
    Soft Skills Coach
  • 5
    "I've had the pleasure of receiving feedback from Danny on multiple speeches that I've given, and wow - the feedback has always blown me away. He helped take a speech from average, to excellent. I've also seen him speak on multiple occasions, so can attest to his stage presence and charisma."
    Timelapse Photographer
  • 5
    "I had the pleasure of working with Danny for my TedX Talk. His vision, knowledge and insightful feedback was instrumental during the process leading up to my TedX Talk. I would highly recommend Danny as a coach to anyone looking to deliver a powerful and engaging talk/speech. Thank you once again Danny for all your help and commitment".
    TEDx Speaker and Mindset Coach
  • 5
    "I've heard Danny speak a couple of times and was very impressed with how he connected with the audience, making his interesting and beneficial topics engaging and his charismatic personality shine through. I would definitely recommend Danny as a speaker to get the best out of your team/organisation."
    Corporate Wellness, Health Coach for Physical & Mental Health

What I Focus On

I focus on a few key areas of interpersonal communication to provide the greatest impact on profits, people, and performance.


The majority of facts and numbers are lost in communication as the emotions are not engaged. I can show you how to capture hearts and minds for longer lasting success.


If your people can't persuade and inspire an audience they are not promoting your brand or products in the way they should. Let me show you how to be persuasive and not pushy.


You have the data, but what does it mean? I can show you how to tell a story with the data you have that will inspire your people to act, and your customers to come back.


All of your communication should be aligned to your mission, values, and strategy and with the sole purpose of delivering results. Through my training your people will learn to promote your success to the outside world through the stories they tell and they way they sell.


I support leaders and individuals who need to write or refine the perfect speech to make them laugh, make them cry, or make them move.

I can work with you to find the perfect words for that special moment to shine.

Contact me for a free no obligation consultation.