Danny Riley is a professional speaker, qualified trainer, and coach in the fields of leadership communication and presentation skills.

He specialises in helping leaders and individuals become more persuasive with their speeches and presentations through a mixture of keynote speaking, speaker coaching, and speechwriting training.

After coaching hundreds of leaders and TEDx Conference Speakers Danny has found the perfect blend of training, coaching, and mentoring which he applies to his workshops and programmes.

Danny is a Chartered Manager, Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, long-time Toastmaster, and an Associate of the Professional Speakers Association. He also holds several speaking awards and qualifications, a first class degree in Business Management, and has led an extensive career in leadership, customer service, sales, and learning and development.


Thank you for coming to my website and enquiring about my services.

Around ten years ago I was quite possibly the shyest person you could ever meet. I could barely speak to my own mum without breaking into a sweat! I didn’t do well at school or college when I was younger and had to drop out of university due to severe depression.

I managed to pull myself back into work and after some time an opportunity arose in the company that I was working for at the time to deliver some training and I jumped at the chance. Then realised I would have to speak in front of people :O

Over a solid six months I transformed myself from an insecure, negative, depressed, and overweight loner into someone who actually had a chance at a future.

Ten years later I have won several awards, completed my degree in business management and achieved the top score in the cohort, managed to convince a beautiful woman to marry me, been promoted several times, started my own business and persuaded a FTSE 100 company to pay for my degree!

I know what it takes to make a mind shift from social recluse to confident go-getter, and I understand the fast route to go from terrified speaker to sage of the stage!

I’ve made all the mistakes and now I teach others to conquer their fears and deliver professional and engaging presentations that are persuasive and emotive.

When I’m not helping others to create their winning stories and presentations I create my own narratives and stories using real life case studies to create blogs, short films, and mini docs.

I look forward to working with you 🙂